About Us

Wellness extract is a confided in brand of UV INTERNATIONAL Inc. which is Canada based all encompassing and nourishment Supplement Company.

We have faith in to serve mankind in a superior manner by giving the most unadulterated and normal type of nutrients and minerals. Our best items are as of now demonstrated by science as our particle are protected and has been utilized in various clinical preliminaries and studies. Wellness extract has made a promise to presenting to you the best items accessible available today. We hold ourselves to the most noteworthy guidelines accessible and on if we can’t discover them, we characterize them! There are industry norms and there are government principles and lastly, there is the Wellness standard – the most astounding standard accessible.

At Wellness extract, we accept that our deliberately made top of the line dietary enhancements give chances to people to improve their lifestyle and accomplish their own objectives.”

We as a whole realize that overall number of chronic diseases patients is high. Because of ecological impacts it continues expanding. So we are here with the motive to give most ideal approach to treat malignant growth and to avert the re-occurrence of disease. Our real point is to serve patients and make their families happy.


In the case of taking enhancements is a deep rooted duty or in case you’re simply getting into the wellbeing kick of things, you’ll have seen they can be costly – particularly when you wish to purchase various ones to suit various needs. Something else you’ll notice is that finding the correct provider for enhancements is urgent.

Premier principles in the business

With regards to customer security, we go the additional mile: Our enhancement norms are the hardest in the business. Before we sell an item, it must experience a stringent survey of its assembling and ethical testing. We don’t simply take the maker’s assertion for the immaculateness of an item—we pay out participation charges to a few associations that do autonomous testing of enhancements. Likewise, we are always rechecking items to ensure that they keep up their quality. We hold no loyalty to any organization: If an organization’s principles start to slip, we’ll take their results of our racks. On the off chance that we sell it, you can make certain that it’s the best quality available.
We need to enable you to slice through the messiness and perplexity. We need you to consider us as your trusted advisors. We’ll respond to your inquiries sincerely without attempting to sell you something that you don’t require and could do you more damage than anything else.

Truly, we’re an alternate sort of wellbeing and health store.


Wellness Extract urges a thorough way to deal with wellbeing, which comprehends the person as a perplexing blend of components fit for being brought into concordance. We are focused on improving inspiration and prosperity in people, nature and the worldwide network.


At Wellness Extract, we endeavor to make an imprint with our essence in the human services circle both locally and globally by giving high caliber, reasonable and inventive arrangements in medication and treatment.
By the turn of this decade, we will be among the most respected organizations worldwide.